What you need to know about valuable long tail keyword research

Long tail keywords are simply long word phrases that are more specific than commonly used keywords. Despite these keywords bringing in less search traffic, they have higher conversion rates than most standard keywords. As such, the keywords easily convert visitors to customers and easily improve the ranking of a website in search engines. Usually, there is low risk associated with using long tail keyword research in search engine ranking as compared to standard keywords.

Qualities of long tail keywords

In the recent past, there has been much emphasis on the use of specific keywords than there was a few years ago. This specification has brought about unique long tail keyword/phrase qualities. These qualities include:

Search volume

This refers to the frequency at which internet users search for a specific keyword in search engines in a given period. Ideally, large search volumes show that the specific keyword is common and popular among internet users searching for products or information in a particular niche. As such, it becomes easy to increase the number of users in your site by using long tail phrases with a high search volume. Such keywords and phrases can potentially increase the competitiveness of your website by considerable measures.


The Long tail keywords/ phrases you use to market your website need to be relevant to the services/products offered by the website. Keywords with high relevance to your website have high conversion rates and are more likely to convert web users to customers than keywords with low relevance.


Long tail keywords need to be competitive so that it becomes easy to outrank your website’s competitors using these keywords and phrases. The easiest way to come up with a competitive long keyword phrase is by using words that are popularly and commonly used in the niche/industry you are marketing in.

Benefits of using long tail keywords

Long tail keyword research has it that these keywords have a high ranking potential. For instance, if you use a keyword such as “air conditioning repair”, there are over 502,000,000 results in Google. However, if you use a long tail keyword like “air conditioning repair Miami”, there are approximately 10,000,000 results. This is 50 times less, the search results you get when using a generic keyword like “air conditioning”. As such, when using long tail keywords, it is possible to increase your ranking on search engines.

There are very many internet-based tools that you can use to generate specific long tail keywords/phrases. These tools are easy to manage and generate hundreds of keyword suggestions within split seconds. When using keywords to promote your website, you need to ensure that you write high quality content in the website to complement the effectiveness of the keywords.

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