Is SEO Dead?

Is SEO Dead?

Is SEO Dead?

Everytime there is a new Google update there are many “experts” that claim that SEO is dead.  They believe that because Google makes a change to their search algorithm that it eliminates all manner of SEO to improve rankings.  On the contrary it isn’t dead but it is becoming very different and we have to adapt with it.

Changes in the Industry

10 years ago, or even five years for that matter the most important factor was backlinks, you could build thousands of exact match anchor text links using automated software, stuff keywords on to your pages and boom…you would be ranking for your targeted keywords.  Try that today and you’ll be bounced right out of the search engine.  Bad content, spammy backlinks and automated link building tools don’t work anymore.  Either you website is ignored completely or you get a penalty and Google takes you out of their index altogether.

The Penguin update changed the whole game and good quality content became the king.  You need to create content that makes real people want to learn more, they have to want it enough to follow a backlink.  Local SEO works a little differently, while there is an element of content marketing to be done there are other factors that will help you rank a local business.  Things like properly setting up your Google My Business pages, a good SEO agency can help you to make sure it is fully optimized for you.  Here is a video to give you an overview of what’s involved.

SEO, Social Media and Paid Ads

Again naysayers claim that social media and paid ads spell the end of SEO…that not quite true.

Social Media

The nature of Social Media is that it is social, imagine for a minute you invite a friend over for dinner and while he’s there he tries to sell you weight loss pills or a blender…not a great experience right.  Encroaching on peoples’ lives in a social platform with an ad requires a fair deal of finesse and social media converts so much lower than SEO.  People go to social media to connect with friends, family and to get news not to connect with brands or products.

Paid Ads

While paid ads to take the top spot…er…top 4 spots above the organic results, to get your business there is expensive and some terms are worth more than $100 per click.  People have also been conditioned to ignore them.  A number one spot in organic rankings will get better conversions and you’re not paying for every visitor you get.  The other thing to note is that those top spots are typically filled with big name brands with HUGE ad budgets, the average small business owner can’t compete in that field.

Where do we go from here?


The future is bright and the need for SEO services is stronger than ever, businesses simply can’t afford to ignore the potential of the internet.  Good content, on page optimization and backlinks will continue to be factors for the foreseeable future.

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